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What indicators should be paid attention to the performance of self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank

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The self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank is mainly used for liquid replenishment and turnover transportation of liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid argon biological containers, and can be used as a cooling source for other refrigeration devices. And easy to use and durable. So what indicators should be paid attention to its performance?
Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank,Gas Cylinder for Oxygen Nitrogen Argon,Low pressure container
Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank
1. Vacuum: If it fails to meet its requirements, the thermal insulation performance will be reduced, affecting the service life; and liquid nitrogen will be wasted.
2. Interlayer material: Special reflective insulation materials with small outgassing rate should be selected to achieve the desired effect.
3. Valve: The valve uses a special low-temperature shut-off valve (resistant to -196 degrees).
4. Container material: The container material is made of Austenitic stainless steel.
5. Vacuum testing: special vacuum testing equipment must be used to ensure the vacuum degree of each liquid nitrogen tank.

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