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Precautions for using self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank

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1. Due to the large heat of the container, the first time the liquid is filled, the heat balance time is longer, you can first fill a small amount of liquid medium to pre-cool (about 10L), and then slowly fill it (so that it is not easy to form ice jams).
2. In order to reduce the loss when filling the liquid in the future, please refill the liquid when there is a small amount of liquid in the container. Or fill the liquid within 48 hours after the liquid is used up.
3. To ensure the safety and reliability of the container, this container can only be filled with liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, and liquid argon.
4. It is normal for water and frost to form on the outer surface of the container during infusion. When the booster valve is opened for boosting work, because the booster coil is attached to the inner wall of the outer cylinder, when the liquid passes through the coil, it will absorb the heat of the outer cylinder to vaporize to achieve the purpose of boosting pressure. There may be speckled frost on the outer cylinder. After closing the booster valve, the frost will slowly dissipate. When the booster valve is closed and no infusion work is performed, water and frost appear on the outer surface of the container, which indicates that the vacuum of the container has been damaged and the container cannot be used anymore. Should find a professional manufacturer to repair or scrap.
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5. When transporting liquid medium on the road surface of level 3 or below, the speed of the car should not exceed 30km/h.
6. The vacuum nozzle on the container and the seal and safety seal of the safety valve should not be damaged.
7. If the container will not be used for a long time, please drain and dry the liquid medium inside the container, then close all the valves and seal them.
8. Before the container is filled with liquid medium, the container must be blown dry with dry air to fill the container and all valves and pipelines before the liquid medium can be filled, otherwise it will cause icing and blocking of the pipeline, affecting the pressure increase and infusion.
9. This equipment belongs to the category of instruments and meters. It should be handled with care when used. The force of the valves should be moderate, not too large, and the speed should not be too fast; especially the joints between the metal hose and the inlet/drain valve When connecting, don’t overtighten it with strong force, it can be sealed with a little force (the ball head structure is easy to seal), so as not to twist or even twist the takeover, use one hand to hold the valve body

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