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Performance index of self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank

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As for the liquid nitrogen tank, I believe everyone knows that there are many types of it, so it can be divided into many types. What about the performance index of its self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank? Below we introduce to you.
1. Vacuum degree: If the vacuum degree is not up to the stipulation, the thermal insulation performance will be reduced, affecting the service life; and liquid nitrogen will be wasted;

2. Sandwich material: Sandwich material should use special reflective insulation material with small outgassing rate to achieve the desired effect

3. Valve: The valve uses a special low-temperature cut-off valve (resistant to -196 degrees);

4. Container material: the container material is made of Austenitic stainless steel;

5. Vacuum testing: special vacuum testing equipment must be used to ensure the vacuum degree of each liquid nitrogen tank;
Performance index of self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank,Stainless Steel Tank Liquid Nitrogen Pressurized Vessels
Precautions for liquid nitrogen tank
1. Make sure to open the vent valve when not in use for a long time to cause damage to the container;
2. For long-term storage of liquid nitrogen, windows should be opened for ventilation and ventilation.
3. When not in use, please drain and dry the liquid medium inside the tank, close all the valves and seal them.
4. When using it, it should be handled gently, and the force should be moderate and not too large when opening each valve.
5. During infusion, water will form on the outer surface of the liquid nitrogen tank.

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