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Features of YDZ series self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank

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Over the years, the company has fully utilized the key technologies and advantages of the liquid nitrogen tank industry and developed a variety of self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tanks of different specifications and models. Our self-pressurized cryogenic liquid nitrogen containers/Dewars are widely used in biological engineering and Medical and health, used to store active biological materials, such as livestock semen and embryos, Marek's disease vaccine, genes and stem cells.
 self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank,cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage container , Stainless Steel Tank
Features of self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank:
(1) YDZ series is equipped with double safety automatic control valves and double protective measures, which is safer to use, and requires long-term storage and low liquid nitrogen consumption.
(2) The special ultra-low temperature cut-off valve is easier to operate.
(3) It has the characteristics of continuously increasing pressure and discharging liquid, which helps to effectively fill the liquid.
(4) The movable wheels with high carrying capacity are easy to move.
(5) The warranty period is usually 5 years of vacuum, during which replacement of damaged parts is free.
At present, our products have been sold well at home and abroad, and won praise from customers. Whether you are a supplier, end user or buyer, we can provide you with preferential prices and quality products to meet your satisfaction.

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