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How to use cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage tank with high safety index

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Low-temperature liquid nitrogen storage tanks are mainly divided into storage tanks and transport-type liquid nitrogen tanks. Static storage is often used for indoor storage. Transport-type liquid nitrogen storage tanks are suitable for long-distance transportation. Avoid collision or vibration during use. For the safety issue of how to use cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage tanks, we will elaborate on the whole details in detail below.
Use details
1. Before use. It is necessary to check whether the outer bladder of the cryogenic storage tank is indented and whether the vacuum port is intact. Once there is a collision, the vacuum degree will drop. In severe cases, the cryogenic storage tank will not be insulated and the loss of liquid nitrogen will be relatively large. Frost will also appear on the upper part of the entire tank, followed by checking whether there is foreign material in the liner. If there is a foreign body, it needs to be removed in time to prevent the liner from being corroded for a long time without cleaning.
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2. Filling with liquid nitrogen. New tanks or dry low-temperature storage tanks need to be filled slowly and pre-cooling is required to prevent the damage of the inner tank caused by the low temperature of liquid nitrogen. Long-term failure to pay attention to operating details will affect the life of the tank. The thermal insulation material used in the neck plug can fix the lifting barrel to minimize the number of openings and reduce the wear of the neck plug.
3. Check frequently during use. The easiest way is to touch the shell by hand. Once frost is found on the outside of the container, it should be stopped immediately, especially when the frost on the inner wall of the neck tube is frozen, it is strictly forbidden to scratch with a knife, which will cause a bad vacuum. Take out the liquid nitrogen and let the liquid nitrogen melt naturally.

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