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Use of large-diameter liquid nitrogen container

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With the development of scientific research, liquid nitrogen is also widely used, and there are many uses of liquid nitrogen containers. Then let's take a look at this aspect.
Use of large-diameter liquid nitrogen container
First understand the concept of large-diameter liquid nitrogen tank. The product is made of rust-proof aluminum alloy. It adopts high vacuum multi-layer super-insulation structure. The loss rate of liquid nitrogen is small. The static storage time of liquid nitrogen is long. Long-term cryopreservation. Depending on the caliber, the storage time is different. When using liquid nitrogen tank products, prevent excessive impact and collision. Because the tank body is in a high vacuum state, the outer tank will withstand the effect of the surrounding atmospheric contrast, so the container (outer tank) will not sag during excessive impact and collision. After the depression, the evaporation performance is lost. If the evaporation performance deteriorates, the container cannot be repaired.
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The use of large-diameter liquid nitrogen tanks in biological samples, vaccines, bacterial strains, cells, and human and animal organs in the biomedical field can be stored in liquid nitrogen stored in liquid nitrogen tanks for long-term active preservation. When you need to use it, take it out and thaw it and reheat it. After cryogenic treatment of precision instrument parts, improve the assembly quality of the parts and improve the overall performance of the machine.

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