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How to store liquid nitrogen container when not in use without affecting performance

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Liquid nitrogen containers are mainly used to store low-temperature liquid nitrogen, suitable for the preservation of cells, vaccines, organs, and semen, but liquid nitrogen containers are not used for a long time. How should we dispose of these containers without affecting the next use?
After the liquid nitrogen in the entire liquid nitrogen container is volatilized, there will be remnants attached to the inner gallbladder. Materials such as sperm will not corrode the gallbladder in the tank if it is not washed for a long time. , So it needs to be scrubbed in time.
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Washing method:
1: Take out the lifting cylinder first, remove the liquid nitrogen, leave it for 2-3 days, wait until the tank rises above 0 ℃, pour warm water of about 30 ℃ again, and then use scrub.
2: It is found that the melted material sticks to the bottom of the inner gallbladder, and it must be cleaned, rinsed with water for several times, and then placed in a liquid nitrogen tank and allowed to air dry indoors.
3: During the brushing process, the operation should be slow and gentle, the temperature cannot exceed 40 ℃, but the weight should not exceed 2KG.
Liquid nitrogen tanks produced by liquid nitrogen tank manufacturers must be placed in a cool and ventilated place, not in a sunny environment. When used or stored, they must not be tilted, laid horizontally, stacked or impacted. status.

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