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Use and maintenance of Zhongpanxin liquid nitrogen tank

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1.Use and maintenance
A. When putting in and taking out frozen items, try to keep the opening of the tank as short as possible to reduce the consumption of liquid nitrogen, and do not completely lift the lifting cylinder to avoid affecting the storage effect of the items.
B. Prevent excessive impact and collision. Because the tank is in a high vacuum state, the outer tank will bear the effect of the atmospheric pressure difference around it. Therefore, the container (outer tank) will have a depression under excessive impact and collision. For example, the evaporation performance will not change after the depression. It can still be used, if the evaporation performance deteriorates, the container cannot be repaired.
C. Always check the weight of the container and know how many days of liquid nitrogen can be used in time. When the amount of liquid nitrogen is reduced to 1/3 of the total capacity, liquid nitrogen should be replenished to avoid necrosis of the stored items.
D. Sweating or frost is found around the neck of the container.
E. Washing and drying of the container: During the use of the liquid nitrogen container, the inner container will slowly accumulate water and multiply germs, which will be mixed into the liquid nitrogen. Due to the above reasons, it will cause considerable corrosion of the inner container. At the same time, the reproduction of germs will reduce the fertilization rate of semen. Therefore, it is best to wash the liquid nitrogen container 1-2 times a year.
CE and ISO9001 Certification Liquid Nitrogen Tank,Artificial Insemination Tank,Portable Liquid Nitrogen Container
A. Zhongpanxin liquid nitrogen tanks suggest that each lifting cylinder should be accurately fixed in the groove at the mouth of the container and the neck plug should be covered before transportation.
B. When transporting by car or train, do not lie down. To prevent it from falling over, it must be secured with a belt. To cushion the impact, use a sponge or other cushion.
C. When transporting by airplane, in addition to preventing the container from overturning, it must be packed in a wooden box to prevent abnormalities caused by the rapid boiling of liquid nitrogen as the air pressure drops when the airplane rises.

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