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Do liquid nitrogen tanks need inspection

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The liquid nitrogen tanks that we often contact, no matter what type, often need to be checked, cleaned, and maintained frequently, but some users who are afraid of trouble will say that it is OK to not check? Does it affect the jar?
Answer: Regardless of whether the liquid nitrogen tank is used or not, the tank body, vacuum degree, neck plug and other aspects must be checked frequently.
Liquid nitrogen tank body: We can touch the external temperature of the tank with our hands. If the metal part around the mouth of the tank is found to be cooler than other parts of the shell or water droplets adhere to the metal part of the tank mouth, it indicates that the tank's thermal insulation performance is reduced, and liquid nitrogen Losses are increasing. If the shell of the liquid nitrogen tank is very cold and there are drops of water or frost, it indicates that the thermal insulation performance of the liquid nitrogen tank is already very poor, and it must be scrapped and discontinued.
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Liquid nitrogen tank vacuum degree: check the vacuum port for damage. If the vacuum cap is damaged, do not use it. Contact the manufacturer to replace the vacuum cap with a new one.
Neck plug: The neck plug cannot be replaced by other things, nor can it be sealed. Only the neck plug matched with the liquid nitrogen tank can be used.

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