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Summary of common knowledge of liquid nitrogen tank basket

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The liquid nitrogen tank basket is a low temperature storage tool used to store cryopreservation tubes in a low temperature environment (liquid nitrogen tank-low temperature storage tank), which can store biological samples, embryos, semen and other samples in large quantities. Below is a picture of a liquid nitrogen tank basket:
liquid nitrogen tank basket,liquid nitrogen container,dewar flask for semen
The liquid nitrogen tank basket is welded from stainless steel. When using, put the cryopreservation tube into the basket. If a drawer-type basket is used, the cryopreservation tube needs to be placed in a small box of the drawer, and the drawer is inserted with a pin to prevent the drawer from falling off and the cryopreservation tube falling into liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank. Then hang the basket in the card slot of the tank to ensure that the sample to be frozen is completely immersed in liquid nitrogen, otherwise liquid nitrogen needs to be added. When using the sample, simply lift the basket. The bottom of the liquid nitrogen tank basket is free. Don't worry about the liquid nitrogen being lifted out.
Liquid nitrogen tank baskets can only be used with large-diameter low-temperature storage tanks, like 50-caliber tanks, which are often lifted. And each liquid nitrogen tank can be equipped with up to 6 baskets. It should also be noted that the liquid nitrogen tank basket is welded by stainless steel. After long-term use, check whether there is a desoldering phenomenon, so as not to fall into the liquid nitrogen tank.

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