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Can the liquid nitrogen tank canister be universal?

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Liquid nitrogen tank lifter is an accessory for liquid nitrogen tank. Its role is mainly used to place samples that need to be frozen, animal semen and other items to facilitate the removal of items at any time. Of course, the liquid nitrogen tank canister also has a role. I believe that users who have used the liquid nitrogen tank know that it can extract a small amount of liquid nitrogen. Some users have such doubts: Can the liquid nitrogen tank lifter be universal? The following ZPX liquid nitrogen tank manufacturers can help you:
The lift of the liquid nitrogen tank is designed and configured according to the volume and caliber of the liquid nitrogen tank. The diameter of the lifting cylinder and the length of the lifting rod configured for liquid nitrogen tanks of different volumes and calibers are different. Regarding the question of whether the lifter can be used universally, as an example: the diameter of the liquid nitrogen tank YDS-30-80 is 60mm, and the diameter of the tank of the liquid nitrogen tank YDS-2 is 30mm. The two liquid nitrogen tank lifters must be It cannot be mixed because the YDS-30-80 60mm diameter canister cannot be placed in the liquid nitrogen tank YDS-2 with a diameter of 30mm. Although the YDS-2 can be loaded into the YDS-30-80, the lifting rod is relatively short, the lifting rod is relatively small, and relatively few items such as freezing tubes can be stored, which will waste resources. But one thing is for sure, as long as the lifting cylinder can be put into the liquid nitrogen tank, it can play the role of picking up liquid nitrogen. Below is a picture of the ZPX liquid nitrogen tank canister:
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