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Liquid nitrogen tank storage area requirements

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I. Location setting:
A. The storage place should be away from the places where people often enter and emergency exits.
B. It should be stored upright in a well-ventilated and safe place (shade and ventilated place).
2.Identification requirements:
At least the site needs to have a liquid nitrogen safety label and a liquid nitrogen safety label.
3.Personnel requirements:
A. Operators should be trained in safety and familiar with material hazards and safe operating methods.
B. Wear suitable protective equipment (liquid nitrogen protective gloves) when contacting the liquid nitrogen bottle.
Liquid nitrogen tank storage area,liquid nitrogen storage container,dewar flask
4. Storage area safety management principles:
A. Secure container during storage, handling or use.
B. Store containers in a dry, cool, weather-resistant place away from flammable materials.
C. Separate full and empty bottles.
D. Monitor air in areas where gas may be vented and accumulated.
E. Containers should be stored away from frequent people and emergency exits.
F. Provide adequate access for container handling operations.
G. Restrict access to container storage areas (non-qualified personnel are strictly prohibited).
H. Prevent containers from touching wet floors.

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