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How to clean the liquid nitrogen tank

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We all know that liquid nitrogen tanks are used more and more now, such as in the fields of beauty, making liquid nitrogen ice cream, and medical cold processing. But how do we clean them after use?
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The service life of liquid nitrogen tanks is not only related to the quality of production, but also to maintenance during daily use. After the liquid nitrogen tank is used, it needs to be washed and dried once, otherwise the life of the liquid nitrogen tank will be shortened, and the use of liquid nitrogen will be affected when the liquid nitrogen is refilled. When cleaning, the samples stored in the storage container must be taken out in advance. After the liquid nitrogen is exhausted, it should be left for two or three days to get the temperature in the liquid nitrogen tank to gradually rise to about 0 degrees. Rinse with warm water at 40-50 degrees, and use neutral water for rinsing. After wiping it with a cloth, wash it with water again. When you're done, turn it upside down and wait for it to dry naturally. Make sure there is no water in the liquid nitrogen tank before you can continue to use it.

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