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What happens to liquid nitrogen?

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     Liquid nitrogen is a liquid with a temperature of -196 ° C. It is colorless, odorless, non-flammable, and has oxygen-suffocating properties. In view of its physical characteristics, it is generally stored in a special liquid nitrogen container-a liquid nitrogen tank. At present, the use of liquid nitrogen has been relatively extensive, but many people do not know much about liquid nitrogen. Some people will ask what happens to liquid nitrogen when it is poured into water. Now let ’s borrow the experiment of cattle man-liquid nitrogen is poured into river water and see what happens when liquid nitrogen is poured into water!
     Pour liquid nitrogen from a liquid nitrogen tank into an open container. Note that this process requires thick antifreeze gloves. Then lift the container and pour the liquid nitrogen into the river water. At this time, you will see a lot of white smoke on the river water surface. Look at a scene picture below:
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     The same effect of pouring liquid nitrogen into river water is the same. Some people say that the temperature of liquid nitrogen is lowered into the water to freeze it into ice? Because liquid nitrogen is slightly soluble in water and less dense than water, it will not sink into the water, but only adheres to the water. Zhongpanxin liquid nitrogen tank manufacturers warm reminder: liquid nitrogen is easy to frostbite at low temperature, do not easily imitate video experiments to prevent frostbite.

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