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The role of liquid nitrogen tanks in the livestock industry?

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With the development of animal husbandry today, the contribution of liquid nitrogen tanks is indispensable.
Liquid nitrogen tanks are mainly used for frozen embryos and frozen semen in the animal husbandry industry to preserve excellent breeds. At present, they are mainly used for the preservation and transportation of semen from pigs, cattle, and sheep. The refrigerant used for storage is liquid nitrogen, and the temperature is extremely low (minus 196 degrees Celsius). Store their semen or embryos in a liquid nitrogen tank, and thaw and restore to their previous temperature before use.
In addition, in the animal husbandry industry is also used to preserve bacteria, vaccines and other biological samples, so the liquid nitrogen tank is very important in the animal husbandry market.
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What is the development of animal husbandry?
China's animal husbandry is transforming from traditional animal husbandry to modern animal husbandry. Animal husbandry occupies a very important position in China's national economy. In order to meet the needs of social and economic development, expand foreign trade transactions, exchange foreign exchange, and provide a broad domestic market for industrial products We must vigorously develop animal husbandry.
The development of animal husbandry is related to the economic development level of this country, and it is also the economic pillar of agriculture. For the development of animal husbandry, the country has formulated a circular economy sustainable development animal husbandry. Now China's animal husbandry has developed rapidly. Therefore, the market space of liquid nitrogen tanks in animal husbandry is infinite.

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